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A heartfelt thanks to the many friends and supporters.  Although we came up short at the May 23rd nomination by the narrowest of margins (11 votes:  337 to 326), I  look forward to doing my part to help keep Dufferin-Caledon Blue in 2015 and beyond.


Winning four straight federal elections is a challenging task for any Party, and with each successive election, that task will get more and more difficult. I believe it is time for renewal and time for a new Conservative candidate to represent our Party in the next election, and many elections to come. 


Reinvigorating and growing our base - I have worked hard to build strong roots in our community.  With this nomination process, I hope to inspire, empower, and re-engage our existing membership.  I have also worked, and am continuing to work, to reach out to new individuals and communities within our community to strengthen our ranks and to help ensure we have the support and team needed to keep our riding blue for many elections to come.  I am excited about the opportunities to engage voters through community meetings, through the use of new technologies and tools, and of course through grass roots meetings, phone calls, letters and community town halls and round tables.


Right skills and experience for our community - I also believe that I am the best candidate possible to help our Party win the next election and to ensure that our Party members and our community at-large are well represented in Ottawa.  With degrees in law and business, I have the foundation to contribute to the development of legislation and to the creation of jobs.  With military experience and formal education, along with my service to three successive Ministers of Foreign Affairs, I am a trusted voice among our country’s top decision-makers and they know that they can count on my advice to help preserve Canada’s safety and interests – in fact, they already do.


A leader who gets things done – In my academic studies, community service and political career, I am a person who sets goals and doesn’t stop until I achieve them.  When it comes time to get results and action for our riding, our Government’s top decision-makers will listen when I call to ask them to support our community.  In my role in Ottawa, the advice I have given to ministers like John Baird and Jason Kenney has helped shape some of our country’s key policy decisions – these leaders within our Party have trusted me.


A candidate who understands and can beat the Trudeau Liberals - And finally, we need a candidate who understands how Justin Trudeau and the Liberals operate, and how to beat them.  Having worked as a senior advisor in the Harper Government, I saw this challenge every day – and  helped our Government answer that challenge. Working with you, I will knock on every door in this riding to help voters understand why Justin Trudeau is wrong for Canada and why Stephen Harper is the only leader who can be trusted to defend Canadian values, security and our economic wellbeing.


My family and I left Korea in 1984 in search for a better life in Canada, and we made Caledon

our home. I learned that we should demonstrate our gratitude to our community and Canada by

making the most of the opportunities afforded to us and by giving back to those who have given

us so much.


I am proud to have grown up in Caledon and I am proud to still be able to call it home today. I

have focused my efforts on seizing upon educational and career opportunities and on

community service. I worked hard to earn degrees in business and law and a Masters in War

Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. I am humbled of having served with the

men and women in the Royal Canadian Navy. I am honoured to have been awarded distinction

as a community volunteer. And I am also proud to have served my Party, country and

community as an active board member and volunteer, and also as a Senior Policy Advisor to

Ministers, including Jason Kenney and John Baird.


Government Experience – Senior Advisor to Cabinet Ministers

Served as a senior advisor to Harper Government Ministers Jason Kenney, David Emerson,

Lawrence Cannon, and John Baird (2008-2014) and advised on policy matters

For 4 years, listed as one of the top influencers of foreign policy in Canada by Embassy

Magazine: “He may be younger looking than his 30-something years, but this South Koreanborn

Ontario-bred strategist has political smarts and a passion for human rights and freedoms.”


Education – Degrees in Business, Law, and War Studies

Richard Ivey School of Business, the University of Western Ontario (HBA)

Osgoode Hall Law School (LLB)

Royal Military College of Canada, Master of War Studies (MA)



Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Naval Reserve for over 13 years

Had charge and control of a Canadian warship

Recipient of the Canadian Forces Decoration, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, a Commanding

Officer’s Commendation, and a unit’s officer of the year award

Served as an honorary military Aide-de-Camp to the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Served on the board of directors, Naval Officers’ Association of Canada, Toronto Branch


Dedicated Grassroots Activist

Volunteered on campaigns for almost 20 years: door knocked, phone banked, served as a

scrutineer, banged in lawn signs, organized events, and managed two campaigns

Currently a member of board of directors for the Dufferin-Caledon Conservative Riding Association

(for over 6 years)

Served on the board of directors for the Dufferin-Caledon Ontario PC Riding Association

Organized a roundtable with Prime Minister Harper and the Korean community in Toronto (2007)

Elected Senator for the University of Western Ontario and President of the Social Sciences Students’ Council

Re-started the Osgoode Conservative Association, serving as president (recognized by OPCCA

as the Best New Club, 2003-2004)

Joined the PC Party as a youth

Attended all Conservative Party Conventions in 2005 (Montreal), 2008 (Winnipeg), 2011 (Ottawa), and 2013 (Calgary)


Longtime Resident of the Riding

Lived in Bolton and Caledon for over 20 years

Graduated from Holy Family Elementary School in Bolton and Robert F. Hall Catholic

Secondary School in Caledon East

Recipient of a 2006 Town of Caledon Volunteer & Citizen Achievement Award for Community & Social Services


Community Leadership

Served as Vice Chair of the Board of Caledon Community Services (CCS) a social services

agency; also member of the human resources and financial policy committees (2003-2008)

Served as Chair of the Board for the local St. John Ambulance branch

Served for many years as a volunteer organist at Holy Family Church in Bolton

Former Ontario president of the Knights of Columbus youth


Legal Experience

Worked at a corporate law firm and was called to the Bar in Ontario

Volunteered for a community legal aid clinic and served at the Orangeville Crown Attorney’s

office as part of the Criminal Intensive Program at Osgoode Hall

Presented before the Justice Policy Committee of the Ontario Legislative Assembly

Served on the executive of the Korean Canadian Lawyers’ Association

Published an academic paper on justice of the peace reform


> Ensuring the wishes of local taxpayers and homeowners are respected when it comes to local

   infrastructure and resource development projects.


> Strengthening outreach and engagement with both Conservative Party members and all groups –

   seniors, farmers, students, rate payers, business owners and other community stakeholders

   to ensure your voices are heard and priorities are met.


> Supporting and contributing to the government's economic plan so we can deliver further tax relief for

   Canadian families and continued economic growth for Canada and to ensure we have funds needed to

   meet your top spending and investment priorities. Ensuring our community gets its fair share of

   tax dollars. Working with other local leaders to ensure our community gets its fair share of Provincial

   and Federal Government spending.


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As your MP and candidate, I will make your priorities my top priorities.


Please send me a message to tell me what you care about most and what I can do to earn your vote.

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Job creation
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Post-secondary education and job training
Foreign affairs
Support for agriculture
National defense
Canadian unity
Supporting seniors
Local quarry project

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“The Future of Conservatism (2007, during Ontario PC Nomination): Paul Hong is one of the most principled and effective young Conservatives I’ve ever met. He is energetic, focused, and gets things done. With his background, dynamism, and solid conservative principles, he represents the future of the conservative movement in Canada.”


The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.




For 4 years, listed as one of the top influencers of foreign policy in Canada by Embassy Magazine:

“He may be younger looking than his 30-something years, but this South Korean-born

Ontario-bred strategist has political smarts and a passion for human rights and freedoms.”




“Paul is a passionate and dedicated advocate for human rights, and was key to launching the John Diefenbaker Defender of Human Rights and Freedom Award. He was a principled voice under three foreign ministers - It was a pleasure to work with him, and I am proud to call him my friend. He would be an excellent elected representative.”


Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay, Author, Human Rights Activist, President and Co-Founder, Stop Child Executions




“With his background as an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, Paul knows what it means to lead and what it means to serve. He is a man of integrity, character, and he places duty before self. We need Paul and more like him in elected office!”


Brian Macdonald, Member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick and Legislative Secretary for Military Affairs; Formerly Senior Policy Advisor to Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay; Retired Army Officer.




“Having known him since our days at Robert F. Hall Secondary School, I understand that when it comes to community service, Paul Hong means what he says and treats people right. He’s served on the boards of directors of Caledon Community Services and St. John Ambulance and received a Town of Caledon Volunteer Service Award for Community and Social Services and because of this I’m proud to support him. I know he will put Dufferin-Caledon back on the map in political Ottawa!”


Mark J. Stewart, B.A., M.A., LL.B, former director, Dufferin-Caledon CPC Association




“Paul is incredibly well connected and respected in Ottawa. He is a very impressive person who has the skills and experience needed to be a strong and impactful Member of Parliament. He is a loyal conservative and I am proud to call him a close and long-time friend.”


Kris Barnier, Past Chair CAA Worst Roads Campaign, former advisor to Ontario Finance Minister and Deputy Premier, Jim Flaherty




“There are few people as broadly respected as Paul Hong in Ottawa. In my time in Ottawa, I came to rely on Paul as a steady, principled conservative leader who was an essential part of our team.”


Kasra Nejatian, LLB, CEO and Co-founder at AvidRetail, former Director of Strategic Planning in the office of the Hon. Jason Kenney.




“Paul is a man of principle and integrity.  His experience working in government, his strong work ethic, and his passion for his country will serve him well as a Member of Parliament.  I look forward to seeing Paul in the House of Commons.”


Marshall Neufeld, former National Councillor, Conservative Party of Canada




“Paul is thoughtful, well liked and respected by his friends, colleagues and members of the Conservative caucus.  He is an excellent communicator who has the energy and drive to get things done.  With his diverse experience in government, military, law, and volunteering on campaigns for almost 20 years, I know he will make a fantastic candidate and a great MP!”


Sandra Buckler, Vice President at Bluesky Strategy Group. Sandra was a former Director of Communications, Prime Minister’s Office, and former Chief of Staff to the Ministers of Health, International Trade, Intergovernmental Affairs, and Public Safety.




“Paul has shown his dedication to the community through his work on the board of Caledon Community Services.  He understands the issues.  With his energy and community service, he is well placed to make a meaningful contribution as M.P.”



Ferne Bretsen, former Board Chair, Caledon Community Services

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Paul staffing then Minister of Foreign Affairs for a meeting with a visiting Russian delegation (2010)Paul staffing then Minister of Foreign Affairs for a meeting with a visiting Russian delegation (2010)Paul staffing then Minister of Foreign Affairs for a meeting with a visiting Russian delegation (2010)A Reaching for a pen
August 2011 Garden Party at 24 SussexBanff 2012Paul with Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of CanadaOn the lighter side of things…
Paul was part of Canada’s delegation to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka (2013)Paul with then Foreign Minister David Emerson (2008)G8 MuskokaPaul as a kid, trying to play Lacrosse, in Bolton
Paul Hong, Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (2008-2014)Paul with Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of CanadaPaul speaking to Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the UN, at the Global Centre for Pluralism (2013)Paul with then Prime Minister of South Korea, Kim Hwang-sik (2012)
Paul with then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence CannonAt the Prime Minister’s announcement in launching the Office of Religious Freedom (2012) in Maple, OntarioPaul with the Honourable Jason KenneyPaul with Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird, MPs Andrew Saxton and Patrick Brown, at the Demilitarized Zone between South and North Korea, during the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, 2012.
Paul meeting then Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar, at the United Nations in New York (2011)Paul with Deepak Obhrai in Sri Lanka for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (2013)Attending meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister John BairdPaul with David Petraeus, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and retired General, United States Army (2013).
Paul with Senator John McCain at the Halifax International Security ForumPaul staffing the Minister of Foreign AffairsPM Meets North Korean Dissident Feb 2011Paul with the Prime Minister and Mrs. Harper
Paul accompanied Minister John Baird on the Prime Minister’s visit to Thailand, Japan, and Korea (2012).Paul with Preston ManningDiscussion on international religious freedom (2011)Formal working lunch – Minister Baird hosting the Foreign Minister of South Korea (2012)
Paul with the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, in 2013Paul with the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair (2013)Paul at the official working luncheon in Ottawa for the visit of the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki- Moon (2010)Paul with Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations (2010)
Paul with Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations (2010)Vancouver 2103